Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dreadnought 32 (D32) design closely resembles the design of the Tahiti Ketch. The original design was by John Hanna in 1928 and was thirty feet in length. The design ‘caught on’ and approximately 3000 were built in wood all over the world. In the late sixties, a yard near Santa Barbara bought the rights to manufacture the yacht in fiberglass from the designers’ widow.

According to naval architect, Mr W.I.B. Crealock, the manufacturer engaged him to correct an apparently under canvassed Tahiti Ketch sail plan. He design Marconi sloop and ketch versions with increased sail area from 550 sq ft to approx. 800 sq. ft. According to former Dreadnought Boatworks yard employee an old wooden Tahiti Ketch hull was used as the original source to construct the mold to manufacture fiberglass hull. The manufacture also enlarged the boat to 32 feet, improve the sailing characteristics, and revise the accommodation plan. Typical D32 has a fiberglass hull and inboard 10hp Saab diesel; beam 10'9"; draft 4'8"; and displacement of 19,980 lbs according to the Mauch's Sailboat Guide.

Subsequently, during a period of about ten years, 83 hulls were produced. Dreadnought 32 were offered in several stages of completion; from hull only, hull with fiberglass deck to a completely finished boat. Additionally approximately 5 pilothouse version were build. Because the manufacturer was also SABB representative many D32s were fitted with the legendary SABB engine.